Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear Deployment, Quit Making Me Hormonal!

My husband and I have 2 beautiful daughters, 4 and 18 months. We have already decided at some point in the future that we would like to expand our future. We had thought we might try around Christmas this year, BUT then deployment orders came through. :(
Once we got orders, we sat down and decided to postpone TTC. My husband missed my entire pregnancy with our oldest daughter and barely made it to her birth. He said he hated that and doesn't want to miss it again, especially the birth. Plus, he said this is just not good timing with the deployment. It would mean being pregnant alone, birth alone, taking care of the girls pregnant, and then raising 3 kids alone (one being a newborn).

At that time I agreed with him. Get where I am going with this? AT THAT TIME, I agreed with him.

 Now, I am so confused. I have baby fever out the wazoo. And while I hear what he is saying, agree with the rationalizing of it, etc. I still can't help what my hormones are screaming at me!

So right now I am torn and at a crossroad. I don't know what we should do. Is there ever a perfect time for anyone? 
I guess the better question is "Is there ever a perfect time for military families?" Isn't there always going to be another deployment, another training, another fill-in-the-blank? 

And with the crazy short deployment rotations, it leaves these questions even harder to answer. Any of you fellow military spouse bloggers ever been in this position? What helped you make your decision?

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  1. Well, My husbands deployed and I JUST had a baby. We got pregnant in November 2010 Before he got deployment orders February 2011. He deployed in June..I was 7 months Pregnant. I had our Son August 24th, With my husband on Skype. Of course this is our first child so I can't say how it would be with older kids but I already decided no TTC if he's going to be deployed during the pregnancy or birth next time.


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