Thursday, March 24, 2011

Could I send a son?

I was re-watching all the Army Wives past seasons these past couple of weeks and I was suddenly hit with a shocking revelation:

I do not think I could send a son off to war

This even shocked me! I have sent my husband off to war, waited at home, worried every second, BUT that was OK for some reason. The thought of sending a son, a precious life you birthed, over to a combat zone gives me chills. And unfortunately, I know I might have to face this someday.

We only have 2 little ladies at the moment, but we are hoping to add #3 in the soon future (think blue, think blue, did I say THINK BLUE!). And my husband has already said he would like to see his son in the military someday. I love this life, I love my husbands service, the way our whole family gets to to serve our country, but I don't know if I could ever transition from Air Force Wife to Air Force Mom

This amazes me when I think about it. I mean, my husband has a mother just like every other armed service member out there, but I have never thought about it for them from their point of view. Why is it so easy to send a husband, but not a son? We send our husbands because we are confident in their training, in their abilities, in the military. But, sending a son seems to feel like pushing a child in the water and saying sink or swim. And I don't even have a son! (yet ;) )

So today I commend all you military mommas out there! You have a tough job too, and you are so often forgotten. People remember the wives and kids that are left behind because we are the most visible. But you serve your country too from the shadows and if it wasn't for your service, we couldn't serve either.

Thank you military mommas!


  1. hi! thanks for following! my hubby is in the Air National Guard too, except that his he has an AGR slot which means he works there Full-Time, so the military is his job everyday. He deploys about 4x a year for 30-45 day stints. it's been this way for 8 yrs (our 10yr anniversary is in june) and that's all our kids know!! haha. but i totally agree, we have never lived on base, and other men in his squadron are scattered about so i don't live next door or super close to the other wives.
    So honestly until this past Spring, i haven't really had the military wive's support and i found it through blogging! Finally other people who know what it's like to send your hubby off to deploy multiple times and having your kids miss their dad, and learning how to video chat and being proud of your man's job and how he loves serving his country!
    anyway...i can relate to that feeling of finding another military wife, it's an instant connection for sure! where are you guys located??


  2. We are in Oklahoma, my husband is actually trying to go AGR right now! It seems like online is the best support for ng families, especially ang. Many people don't know we exist!


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