Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Deployment, I have a plan!

I have a plan to survive this. I will survive this.
I have decided to spend some time up north with my mother in law after my husband leaves. By the time we get back home, it will be time for my oldest to start kindergarten. I am hoping by staying gone and busy before school, it will make time go by faster. I am also putting my youngest in a mothers day out program, just so mommy gets a break!

I feel confident having a plan. I think between the busyness of life and my expert timing of how I am doing things, the time will just fly bye.

BUT for now, until he leaves, I am all about preparing. I plan to spend my cold, winter days getting my house in tip top shape. I am going to organize like crazy, clean like crazy, and freshen up around here as much as I can. 

I also think we are going to work on the house to make sure its left in the best shape for me to handle as well. So I guess I am off to make my winter list, I have to find the silver lining in something!

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