Monday, March 28, 2011

Why is it so easy to be negative?

Some of my favorite bloggers and I have decided to keep the creative juices flowing by posting about a topic of the week. This week's topic is:
 Why is being positive so much harder than being negative in life?
This topic was so hard for me to address, partly because I am really struggling with this lately. My simple answer is that we take for granted our blessings in life. We are so spoiled in this country that we believe that our blessings are a right, they are expected. We forget that the daily things we enjoy could so easily be taken away from us in a flash. I think this is what makes us negative, coming from a land of opportunity. 
Being negative is EASY

I have seen and heard stories of people on mission trips who encounter natives that are so happy just living day to day. They live in shacks, with mud floors, 1 meal a day, but they are happy because they are safe. They are together as a family. Why can't that simplicity make us happy? Well, because we are spoiled. 

I think it is so much easier to look around and see what we don't have. What isn't going just perfect in our lives. What our neighbors have that we don't. What we don't seem to have enough of.

You have to remind yourself daily of all the great and wonderful things you see in your life all the time. You have to dig to really find happiness in the simplicity of life. I think we, as a society, don't want to put forth the effort to dig. We have to make it a point to do so. Can we ever truly get past our blinded view and actually just accept simplicity as happiness?

So I am challenging myself to dig daily. I am stepping back for a while from the stress of life and trying a new approach. I am just going to LIVE. I am going to enjoy the day for what it has to bring. I am going to not sweat the small stuff. Life is too short.

Life is simple. LIVE! LOVE! ENJOY!!!!



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  1. Hello! New follower here. I think you are so right! It is so EASY to be negative. I think that is why we as women struggle with this issue all the time though. Great post girlie!!!!


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