Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The great debate: Minivan vs suv

I have finally reached the breaking point...I am considering a minivan *cringe*

I have always been an suv girl, in fact I always said I would walk before driving a minivan! But, now that we have 2 crazy girlies running around glitterizing our entire existence, I am discovering my suv might not be as practical as I thought. And now that we are hoping to add number 3 within the next year, well you get the picture.

I love my suv, it even has 3rd row, but I realized 3rd row in an suv with carseats is practically useless. And if you use it, forget about trunk space! Soooo, I find myself browsing dealerships online, looking at minivans, and actually wanting one! I never would have guessed I would want a minivan. I am suppose to be the cool mom, the hip mom....what's happening to me? Am I really picking function over image?

In order to help me ease the pain of this evolving that has taken place I have convinced myself 1. Minivans are cool now, swagger wagon anyone? And I stand by this statement 2. They are so much more functional and let's face it, with 2 kids in carseats that is ALL that matters anymore, 3. Automatic doors are awesome with a capital A and 4. I will always be the cool, hip mom. period, no exceptions! Or at least until my girls hit teen hood and decide I am the dumbest person who ever looked their way.

So what are your thoughts? SUV or minivan?

I just cant help but think am I turning into the crunchy, soccer mom? Here's to hoping the mom jeans don't follow ;)


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  1. We were in the same predicament about a year ago. My hubby really wanted the SUV, but we also had 2 little girls running around and are now expecting our 3rd. So glad we went with a MINIVAN!!!!!!


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