Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm Alive!!!!


I know its been a while but I am still ALIVE! I have just had some writer's block and a busy life lately. But now I am back! I know you are ALL soooo relieved!

Ok, so for my thoughts of the day. Are you ready for this?

Why do we as adults still desperately and secretly seek our parents approval on our lives?

We say it doesn't matter what they think or say about our choices, but deep down it really does. The reality is we want them to be proud, to be impressed, to be happy with the lives we are choosing for ourselves and our families. And even though it might not affect our decision or choice directly, it does indirectly because their disapproving looks and words are in the back of our minds.

I am sure for my military spouse followers all of this is ringing a bell? As military spouses, many of our own family do not understand why we have made this choice for ourselves. They don't understand why we choose to to live a life that requires us to be alone so much. Why we chose to take on being the rock of the family, being the one who has to do a lot more work in partnership. 

They respect and appreciate our husbands, their sacrifice, their own freedom.  BUT they don't understand our sacrifice. They don't see our sacrifice as fair to us. 

Our sacrifice is how we serve our country though. No, we don't have a uniform or rank. But we serve our country in a such a special way. We enlisted when we said I do, plain and simple. 

Oh, now I am rambling. Ok back on topic, I don't know how we go there. Parents. As adults we are free to make our own choices. But some of those choices get tainted, they get the joy and excitement sucked right out of them because our parents don't approve. Does it ever get better? Do we ever stop seeking their approval?


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  1. I don't believe that we ever stop seeking approval from our parents. Even after they are gone, I will still think to myself, "What would Mom say about this?"
    Also, you are entirely right about us, military spouses. While we know our family has support, there just isn't an element of understanding. I dont expect anyone to ever understand unless they have lived the life themselves. I think that this is what makes the military spouse community what it is, a community of people who "get it."


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